Emic insights are those based on a group’s culture. InterEmics is a socially conscious company that supports and promotes collaborative growth based on compliance, better risk management, and continuous improvement.

Its founding partner, Douglas Schapero, was raised in New England with university education from the US, Spain, and Latin America—including a Masters degree in Linguistics from the University of Puerto Rico and more than 20-years in business development.

After successfully launching a first-of-its-kind import and distribution company in San Juan and briefly teaching at the University of Puerto Rico, he spent three years in French Canada on a range of commercial projects while doing post-graduate studies at McGill University. He later gave a paper at the Twenty-First Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association.

Delegate to the World Renewable Energy Congress VII, in Cologne, some of his leadership projects have been in business development, large accounts and market management for Herman Miller International in the Caribbean where his team approach guided top world-wide sales growth year-on-year with new channels in Trinidad and Tobago, the Cayman Islands, and the Netherlands Antilles, including the first international rollout of an innovative energy management systems and business model.

A NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional, Douglas was a co-founder at Faunus Global, with a focus on solutions-based innovation, strategy, and collaboration. He has helped promote new alliances for medical research, public awareness, and private sector responses to the most pressing health issues today. Some of his work includes spearheading collaborative research in cancer between a large international pharmaceutical company and a Puerto Rico teaching and research institute rated as a top-ten US medical school; leading early collaborative agreements for federally funded Food Safety and Security initiatives at international scale; and directing the First Caribbean Obesity Summit, with the participation of top US authorities in Physiology and Hypertension including the Acting Director of the Office of Minority Health of the US Department of Health and Human Services, the former Director of Global Health at USAID, the National Institutes for Health, and others. In collaboration with Yale New Haven Health Services Corporation, he helped develop recommendations for the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Biological and Chemical Emergencies Laboratory.  Separate initiatives have included governance, risk management, compliance, and marketing solutions including in the energy, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity sectors.

He has worked in volunteer capacity with the board of governors of a non-profit development initiative for two communities contiguous to Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rain forest, its founder recognized with a Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has also volunteered as a HIPAA-compliant translator for the Shriners Ward in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is a member of the National Language Service Corps.